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Make a difference in the lives of youth today!

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$100,000 goal

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July 7, 2022, marks our 6 year anniversary. This is always a bittersweet time, as we celebrate all of the work that we have done, and the successes we have achieved, while being ever mindful of the lives that have been lost to mental illness.

Six years ago today, MYC did not exist.

Six years ago, our community wasn’t talking about youth suicide prevention or preventing youth hopelessness. Today, they do.

Six years ago, when a student was experiencing a mental health crisis, they did not know where to turn. Today, they do.

Six years ago, youth experiencing homelessness did not have a diverse network of support. Today, they do.

Over the past 6 years, we have infused the youth community with new supportive programs, closing the gap on unmet needs. Local middle & high schoolers now have safe, fun, FREE, place to go afterschool – where they can access a range of programs and activities, do laundry, get something to eat, and check in with a mentor. Young adults will soon have access to a rich workforce development program.

We have been successful in attracting the attention of the key community stakeholders, as well as the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, to join us in our mission to build hope in our youth community. We are not short on new ideas or new programs or new ways to reach our youth because our youth are walking alongside us and leading in these efforts.

MYC is poised to do tremendous things. We have had initial successes way beyond what we could have imagined six years ago. We have pulled the community together, and more importantly we have earned the trust and respect of the kids and families that we seek to serve. But those successes have allowed us to get close enough to see just how enormous the needs still are. We need to do, and are ready to do, so much more than we are doing now. But this will require resources on a whole other scale. The building we are in needs a ton of work now. We need a van now. We need more staff now. We need a youth shelter, no, a home for teens who can’t go home or don’t have one, now.

These needs feel overwhelming because none of us have all it takes. Some of us don’t understand the problems or exactly what is needed. Some of us don’t have the inroads or contact with the kids in need. Some of us simply don’t have time to get involved. Some of us don’t have the kinds of finances that are needed. But all of us have something. And when all of us come together with whatever we have and do whatever it is that we can do, then we as a community have everything we need. With your help, we can do this.